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As a manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants for the biopharmaceutical industry,
we practice total environmental control activities with a management philosophy of preserving the environment with a harmony between business activities and environment-friendly activities.

We will strive to realize the following environmental policies with a goal of maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • 1

    Comply with domestic and foreign environment related regulations and international Agreement, and establish autonomous environmental management standard and enforce continuous environmental improvement activity

  • 2

    Minimize generation of environmental pollutants through effective use of energy and resource saving in all business activities.

  • 3

    Minimize use of environmental harmful substances to prevent the destruction of natural ecosystem caused by environmental pollution.

  • 4

    Have executives and employees practice spontaneous environmental conservation activities by developing environment friendly awareness.

  • 5

    Cooperate with suppliers and clients and support each other so that environmental policies can be adhered, and develop activities for environmental conservation and social contribution.